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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wax Heaven O Face

Mario at Wax Heaven has a contest going asking people to send in a scan of their card with the best "O" face. Mario has MaggliO and Steve from White Sox Cards has his Own submission with Boone LOgan. The entries are piling up, so I figured I had to make a game plan if I wanted to win. I first decided to suck up to the judge by finding some CansecO cards. Here's the three stages of CansecO's O face.

Stage 1: "O"akland A's, Two at the same time



Stage Two: Texas Rangers, All dressed up and no place to g"O"


Stage Three: Chicago White Sox, Clinging on by his fingernails with ED and n"O" Viagra

O nO

Then I thought why try to sway the judge when I can try to sway his wife. Here's a Jeter "O" for the Infamous Tatiana:

"O" baby...

That all got screwed up though when I found this jewel while looking for more Cansecos to bribe Mario with:

Michael J "O" rdan

"O" my l"O"rd, I'm g"O"ing to be sick
Even the back has an "O" face, two actually.

Now that's a lotta Os. Kevin would be proud of all the Os. I don't even know if basketball cards count, but that's the nastiest, ugliest O face card I've ever seen. Go ahead and submit one better if you dare, but I doubt anyone can beat His Airness.


dayf said...

Since I never label my cards for some reason here's the ones I posted:

1989 Upper Deck #659
1992 Score #500
1994 Topps #80
2002 Fleer Platinum #150

2002 Stadium Club #2

95-96 Fleer #22

Wax Heaven said...

Wow. What an awesome post. I like the dressed up and nowhere to go one.....but the Jeter is by far the front runner!

Steve Gierman said...

Awesome finds! I just sent a few more to Mario.

Anonymous said...

Oh God damn it. Why'd ya have to go and find a Derek Jeter 'O' face!?!
:( Jeter still looks cute! Almost like a little lovable puppy....
It's still a good find. I've never seen him make a face like that before. Damn.

Also, thank you for linking me : )

Hope you win! I'll put in a good word for ya. ;)

Unknown said...

Here are a few of Madison Bumgarner, a recent draft pick of the Giants. Apparently someone on Beckett's forum or one of the other forums were poking fun of his 'O' face to such a degree that Madison's dad actually got on and started defending him.



dayf said...

Actually, I think Mario started the Bumgarner war :)