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Friday, January 11, 2008

Braves Fan Fest

Is this weekend at the Georgia World Congress center. Is anyone else going? I'll probably be there on Sunday.


Russ said...

If I was actually in GA, I might go. But I'd just go for autographs mostly and those lines are going to be so long. I'll just make my usual 2 hour trip down to Disney and go to a practice and get all the biggies then instead of waiting in a line for hours. But I think overall, it will be a a really great time. Much better than what I heard was a debacle last year at the Ted.

dayf said...

Yeah, I missed last year's. I've been before but didn't get any autographs. There are gong to be a bunch of exhibits there this time and I really want to see the Negro League exhibit. I'd actually rather see all the stuff instead of wait in line for hours for the 'graph. If I get lucky and show up when Chipper's there though, I might have to make an exception.