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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Braves FanFest was awesome

I had a lot of fun and got a bunch of goodies to show off. I won't have the photos till at least tomorrow (digital camera issues), but here's a representative taste of the stuff I got.

I picked up a few freebies, most of which were ads like this schedule featuring Mark Teixeira. I also committed to at least one game on the schedule.

What, you thought I'd go to a place with a memorabilia show and not buy cards? You fools! This also a direct result of how my conscious decision not to stand in the three-plus hour autograph lines ultimately affected my card buying choices.

Here's another thing I made a firm decision on - go cheap on the memorabilia and souvenirs. It was tough, damn tough in one case, but as you can see here sometimes cheap is good.

Hey, what's this? I thought you weren't going to stand in the autograph lines? Well, yeah. I was kind of surprised myself when I ended up in one. Note: This is NOT John Smoltz's autograph. Not even close. Anyone who guesses gets a cookie.

I'll have this sorted out and written up sometime this week, so stay tuned!


Kevin said...

Would that be center fielder Josh Anderson?

Laurens said...

Jay Howell

dayf said...

Ding Ding Ding!

laurens gets a cookie!

Russ said...

I heard people waited on Saturday up to 5 hours for an autograph and that didn't even guarentee who you were getting. I had another guy on a site I frequent say that he was waiting in line for Glavine (bad mistake) and got 12 people from him and he walked out and got stuck with Chuck James. Now this is no knock on Chuck as he's a decent pitcher and a great guy to chat with, but someone who is waiting in line to get an auto from a future HOFer and then ending up with Chuck James...that's kinda cruel

dayf said...

Yeah, I overheard a girl there complaining that she was three people away from Smoltz before he left. I'll explain the unexpected Howell auto though this week. I'm just trying to sort out how I'm going to post all the stuff first and I need to develop the photos before I do anything.