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Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Love This Kid

First of all, Kotsay is a Brave, pending physical. Good move as long as he is healthy. Braves get solid D out in center and a #2 hitter in the lineup. It stinks that we had to give up Joey Devine, but the Braves really screwed up his development by rushing him the way they did. He's one more casualty of the "let's go cheap on the closer" strategy of the past few years that completely blew up in Schuerholz' face. He'll have a good chance at success in Oakland either mentoring under Huston Street, or taking over for him if Street is included in the fire sale. The A's are picking up most of the salary too since they got the high-level prospect they wanted. Now if the Braves use that money they saved to good use... say, long term deals for a certain First Baseman and Right Fielder, then this could be very nice indeed.

But forget all that, the trade is not the focus of this post. in David O'Brien's blog post that goes over the Kotsay deal, he added this little gem of an incident that occurred today at the Braves Fan Fest:

Before I forget, you guys would’ve fallen on the floor if you could have been there for this moment today. (I’m sure you’ll hear about it as the story makes the rounds). This little kid said in the microphone, over the P.A. system during a Chipper Q&A today: “The Mets suck (expletive)”

Four words. Jaws on the floor, including Chipper’s.

I friggin' LOVE that kid. Oh dear Lord, I hope someone there had a camera phone. I so want to see that on YouTube.


Russ said...

That kid is my hero. And I really like Kotsay. I think he's the perfect go-between from Andruw to Shafer. However, this all is pending on his back being ok. If he can hold up for around 130 games plus playoffs, I think we're fine. The only option I liked better was Mike Cameron, but that was before his suspension was handed down a few months ago.

Bay Rat North West said...

Wow! This kid sounds like a younger version of me! I always knew those guys and thir fans were closet WNBA fans.