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Friday, January 11, 2008

Kotsay a Brave?

Via MLB Trade Rumors, Braves beat writer David O'Brien is reporting that the Braves are close to trading for A's outfielder Mark Kotsay to fill the center field position left open by Andruw Jones. Apparently Kotsay actually called David to confirm the deal was close. As long as Kotsay is healthy and the Braves don't give up too much, I'm happy with this. He's a good defensive player and can hit at least as well as Andruw did last year. O'Brien also thinks he could also be a replacement for Renteria at the #2 spot in the lineup. I've liked Kotsay as a player for a while and even if it turns into another Raul Mondesi or Craig Wilson debacle it's not like we don't have 4 other guys in the minors who could step in to play center. The contract isn't a problem either since he's a free agent next year. Of course the whole thing could fall apart like so many Johan Santana rumors so we'll see.

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Wax Heaven said...

It's sad when you can lose a guy as talented as Andruw and somehow replace him with a guy like Kotsay and be happy about it.

That speaks volumes about Andruw these days.