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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The House that Jeter Built

Ugh. 15 days in and 2008 is already wearing me down. I have gotten 13 pages this morning alone (#14 hit while I was typing this post!). I'm going to be playing catch up for a bit so you'll probably only get mostly text heavy posts for a little while. Which sucks because I have a bunch of Allen & Ginter cards, The 792 scanned up to card 327 and a whole roll of film ready from Fan Fest to show off. Eh, I'll get to it eventually. In the meantime check out the progress on the New Yankee Stadium construction. This is either really cool or utter blasphemy depending on your point of view.


Fred Sarra said...

dayf, thanks for the pimp last week. I have unsparsed my blog since then! It is still quite vigorous though.

Don't miss my all star fan-fest card giveaway though!


Anonymous said...

Okay it will be bigger and better but it will not be Yankee Stadium. So will we have to call the new one "The House that Jeter Built"?

In my heart I want to see Yankee Stadium, Wrigley and Fenway live forever. In the NFL, Lambeau needs to live forever.

dayf said...

RE: "House the Jeter Built"

I'm not the only one calling it that... The New York Post is in the action too.


It's funny that people refuse to call it The house that A-Rod Built even though he signed to a mega-longterm deal and he's a hell of a lot closer a ballplayer to Ruth than Jeter will ever be. Then again Jeter gets about as many girls as Ruth did while laying off the hotdogs and gallons of booze.