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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

When the Hall of Fame Vote Turns Out Rotten, Here's Who To Blame

Via Fire Joe Morgan, Vegas Watch has a list of most ridiculous Hall of Fame voters' arguments for 2008. So when Blyleven misses by just two votes, you'll now know to blame Dave Buscema, Jon Heyman and Mike Nadel.

Not long now...


Andy said...

Over at the B-R SOTD blog, I've done a lot of campaigning for Blyleven, but sometimes I wonder if it's counterproductive. A lot fo HOF voters seem to think that "statheads" don't know shit about baseball, and the more cogent a stat-based argument that is made in favor of a player's candidacy, the more these idiots seem to NOT vote for the guy, just out of spite.

Kevin said...

The Tim Raines arguments kill me. By the time I became a fan, he was still a solid player, but past his prime. And of course he came to the Orioles late in his career in a PR move for a lousy team (they had just called up Tim, Jr.). So reading some of the arguments FOR him, I had no idea just how good he was. That Tracy Ringolsby (who is IN the HoF - writers wing anyway) thinks Vince Coleman was better than Raines is bugfuck insanity.