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Friday, January 18, 2008

What the heck is Frank Wren doing

So the Braves traded Willy Aybar yesterday. Not surprised. He's out of options and has been a real pain in the ass. Think a switch hitting Amy Winehouse. He was traded to the Devil Rays for Jeff Ridgway, a rookie lefty that got blitzed in his debut last year. His career ERA is 189. No, I didn't forget the decimal point. Still not surprising. The Braves' plan for the bullpen seemingly since Smoltz switched back to the rotation has been to throw a bunch of crap at the wall and see what sticks. They needed another lefty in camp to compete with Will Ohman and Royce Ring, so it's a good pickup. What I don't understand is why Wren is throwing a second round draft pick in there too. Chase Fontaine has a silly name and is one of a legion of middle infield prospects in the Braves farm system, but I don't understand why he's even in the deal. It's still a sound deal I guess - we gave up two pieces that were not going to contribute in '08 for one who might - but I'm not liking all these minor leaguers getting shipped off lately. Remember, our 2008 first rounder belongs to the Mets now because of the Glavine signing. Don't deplete the minors too quickly now. At least there's a tiny chance that we could cut a long term deal with Tex. Still, I can't say I hate the trade if only for one reason. Picking up a guy named Ridgway gives me an excuse to post this:

There ain't many cover songs better than that, folks.


Kevin said...

A switch-hitting Amy Winehouse? Too funny.

But don't give Topps any ideas for their next big error card.

Anonymous said...

In Aybar's case when you get in the Bobby Cox doghouse there's not much of a chance that you'll see the field afterwards. I would have liked to have seen what he could do this Spring before shipping him off. I guess the Braves make up for it with recently acquired Omar Infante.

Fontaine's 06 Bowman Draft card gives me the impression that after you say his name and look at his expression, it reads "Yea, thats right, its me"

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I originally put this post in the wrong spot. Speaking of young Braves. A very close friend of mine has a cousin who is a AA player for the Braves. His name is Carl Loadenthal and I think he has potential (decent bat, great thought of him. Do you think they speed). I was wondering what you will promote him to AAA this season? I know he is like the 4th best OF in the system (behind Brandon Jones, etc).

Billy Suter said...

Frank Zappa did a much better version of "Ring of Fire".

dayf said...

Unfortunately the Zappa family trust keeps having Zappa videos yanked off of YouTube. I can't link to the song if it gets pulled.