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Friday, January 25, 2008

Willy Wonka's Gonna Sue

Via Dave and Adam's blog, Upper Deck is inserting "Golden Tickets" into upcoming basketball products that will allow the bearer to tour the chocolate factory view the pack out of the 2007-2008 Exquisite product. Charlie Bucket ain't going to this one though because the tickets will be inserted into high-dollar stuff like Upper Deck Premier and UD Black. Charlie can't buy one of them with that ten dollar bill he found in the snow. (he might be able to pick up the "big hit" from one of those packs off of eBay with it though) If you win, you get to see how Upper Deck put the packs together and you'll have five minutes to create your very own pack of Exquisite. I'm guessing the triple autograph 1/1 LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Jesus of Nazareth will be well hidden. It's just as well I would never have a shot at pulling one of these tickets, I'd go all Augustus Gloop and dive into the big pile of relics and start swimming around.

Willy Wonka sez:

"Quit stealing my schtick you bastards! Trading cards are supposed to be for kids anyway! If I charged 300 bucks for a lousy chocolate bar my company wouldn't last very long would it? YOU BIG DUMMIES!"


Chris Harris said...

If you've ever read Card Sharks, the whole idea for the insert card (especially the 1990 UD Reggie Jackson AU) was inspired by Willy Wonka.

dayf said...

I forgot about that... I need to re-read that book. My yearly reading of Ball Four is coming up too so I better hop to it.