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Thursday, January 31, 2008

N43 vs. N43

My Allen & Ginter N43 sets are one card closer to completion as I got these doozies recently.

This one is cool:

Teixeira is the only one out of either set that could remotely be called a Brave. This one is from the 2006 set. This next one I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit I paid real money for:

Now I have plausible deniability if anyone asks me where I got the image for my title. Also three cards away from the 2007 set and two are supposedly on the way. If the hobby shop finds A-Rod, I'm golden.

I was looking at the checklists on the back and wondering which set was better of the two. The first one has the bigger names, but the second one has... a dog. And Bruce Lee, can't forget Bruce Lee... So, for absolutely no reason I'm going to compare both sets card by card to see which is better. Even though I have 100 other things to do.

Card 1: 2006 A-Rod, 2007 A-Rod
Same card. Topps sure loves their A-Rod, but to be fair four other players are repeated in both checklists.

Card 2: 2006 Barry Bonds, 2007 Ryan Howard
If Barry gets acquitted, he wins. Until then I'll take the Howard.

Card 3: 2006 Josh Gibson, 2007 David Wright
Even though I hate the Mets, I like David Wright. I think 2008 David Wright looks a lot like 1999 Chipper Jones. That being said, this isn't even a contest, I'll take Josh Gibson any day.

Card 4: 2006 Nolan Ryan, 2007 Ichiro
This one's tough. I was conditioned to have a Pavlovian response to Ryan cards in the early 90's but does anyone really care anymore? Ichiro just an outstanding player. I'm calling this one a tie.

Card 5: 2006 Ichiro, 2007 Albert Pujols
I can't pick Ichiro over Pujols though. If Ryan = Ichiro and Ichiro < Pujols, then is Ryan < Pujols? Not sure if I can make that call. By the way, using greater than and less than symbols anywhere near html code is not a good idea.

After the first third of the set, I've got it judged 2006 - 1, 2007 - 2.

Card 6: 2006 Mickey Mantle, 2007 Dice-K
It's odd that Topps' other obsession, Mantle, isn't one of the five players repeated in both sets. I'll take Mantle though. Dice-K mania got eclipsed by Joba mania before the calendar year was even up.

Card 7: 2006 Ted Williams, 2007 Vlad Guerrero
This one is a lot harder than it should be. The best pure hitter of all time vs. the best swing at everything hitter of all time. I love Vlad, but I gotta go with Ted.

Card 8: 2006 David Wright, 2007 Barry Bonds.
I'm not picking Barry right now. Maybe if someone signs him for 2008 I'll change my mind.

Card 9: 2006 Albert Pujols, 2007 Prince Fielder.
I really like Prince, but I can't pick him over Prince Albert quite yet.

Card 10: 2006 Ken Griffey Jr, 2007 Ryan Zimmerman
I don't quite understand why Zimmerman is even in this set.

2006 just kicked 2007 in the teeth, but they' haven't clinched it yet. 2006 - 6, 2007 - 2.

Card 11: 2006 Mark Teixeira, 2007 Diamond Jim
Hmm... my man-crush or a flea bitten mutt. 2007 is dooomed.

Card 12: 2006 Cap Anson, 2007 Bruce Lee
You'd think with my 19th century obsession, I'd pick Cap, but you'd be wrong. Cap Anson was a great player and a racist prick. Bruce Lee would kick his ass up and down the diamond. Topps should have done King Kelly instead.

Card 13: 2006 Mike Tyson, 2007 Mario Andretti
2007 has already lost, so I'm going with Tyson. I liked his videogame better.

Card 14: 2006 Kenji Johjima, 2007 Greg Louganis
I choose not to choose on this one. No one cares about Kenji's rookie card anymore except Mariners fans and one guy in Fukuoka, Japan with a massive player collection of him. Greg Louganis' card has nipples on it. I don't like cards with nipples on them.

Card 15: 2006 Ryan Zimmerman, 2007 Joe Frazier
How the heck did Ryan Zimmerman get in both sets? Ryan better step it up for the Nats this year. I'm picking Smokin Joe even though the Howard Cosell voice in my head started saying Ryan Zimmerman and I found it amusing. Yes, I have a Howard Cosell voice in my head that pops out every once in a while to say "Joe Frazier", doesn't everyone?

Final score: 2006 - 8, 2007 - 4.

Pretty big win by 2006 here. I wish I had collected that set now. Then again the only reason I'm collecting 2007 is that I got two thirds of the set in one shot. Hopefully there wil be some new guys in the 2008 set (if there is one). I'll bet a presidential candidate is in there though, assuming anyone has the nomination sewn up by the release date.


Brandon said...

Dont' knock Zim man. He's a beast. He's practically carried that team to the few wins it gets each season. He is there best player, with maybe the ecxeption of Chad Cordero.

dayf said...

I've seen him play and while he's very good he just doesn't seem superstar good. He seems Robinson Cano or Jeff Francoeur good, not A-Rod or Chipper Jones good. He's only 22 though so he could be a real beast in a couple years though.

Brandon said...

Glad you agree with me... sorta.