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Friday, February 1, 2008

Trading Mania - 8 for 4 swap with Brandon

Nothin' like a nice blockbuster trade. I worked this deal out with Brandon, who writes at Baseball Cards & More. This was a pretty detailed one and ended up being an 8 for 4 swap that we're both happy with. Brandon and I have had this one in the works for a while, mostly because I was dragging my butt trying to find cards off his want list. I actually found four Heritage SP's, lost them somewhere and then found four more. Brandon didn't mind my glacial pace and we both received our cards today. Here's what I got:

An autograph card of Braves draft pick Cody Johnson,

Andruw Jones Fleer Ultra relic from their "How to tile your bathroom" series,

A mini card of a player I'm going to miss terribly if Wren doesn't get off his ass and sign Teixeira to a hundred million dollar deal quick,

And a shiny insert of Andruw that I probably have, but its shinyness hypnotized me into trading for it.

Here's what I gave up for this bounty:

The Joba Bowman Heritage rookie seen in Brandon's post,

The four heritage SP's,

Two Josh Hamilton "rookie" cards even though one is five years older than the other,

And a 1991 Bowman Chipper Jones rookie card that I forgot to scan.

This was a pretty nice trade, Brandon got a bunch of rookies he wanted plus some SP's for a Heritage set. I got the auto and relic plus a couple of nice Braves cards. The only card I had a little problem letting go of was the Chipper rookie, but I just got almost a full box of '91 Bowman cheap a couple weeks ago so I may end up pulling another one anyway. I know what you rookie hounds are thinking, b-b-b-but the JOBA! He's the hot rookie right now! Yeah and I've got four of 'em and I plan to buy another hobby box of Bowman Heritage once they get cheap anyway. All these cards were doubles, so it's nice to get them out of my house and into someone's hands who really wants them. Good trade all around, just how it should work out.


Brandon said...

This trade was awsome! I especially liked the "Joba Rules" on the baseball in the Joba RC. Look forward to other great deals in the future.

Anonymous said...

Now if someone could just get political deals put together this smoothly.

hartmanj said...

It does this Braves fan's heart good to see the Brave's stuff. Thank you for sharing. :)