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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sticky Saturday - Mini Edition

I've decided to start at the top of the pile of stickers Fleerfan sent me and and work my way down. They are generally sorted from newest to oldest and I more or less know what the stuff on top is. Somewhere down the line Fleerfan's sticker posts and my sticker posts will cross paths chronologically and when that happens I'll finally be able to play it off like I'm the expert since I will have read all his posts religiously. In the meantime however, there's one last sticker I know bugger all about so we'll get it out of the way.

This sticker looks big on the screen, but it's not big at all really. It's half the size of a normal card, about 2.5" by 1.75". There are a bunch of yellow stars behind the logo, which I've never seen before. Here is my uninformed but calculated guess on where this came from:

In 1986, 87 and 88 Fleer put out little box sets of mini cards. These were cards from the base set, just miniaturized and boxed up to give Hobby dealers something else to push on their customers. These were real hot at the time, but I just passed upon a couple of the sets last weekend for 2 bucks each. (I picked up the Fleer update sets from 1990 and 91 instead) Like everything else Fleer did, they included logo cards. This card is about the size of one of the minis so I am going to boldly state that it is from one of these sets. But which one? The back is blank so that doesn't tell us anything. According to my SCD the '88 cards have the stadiums on the back so it's not that one. I'm going to go out on a limb (ie. flip a coin) and say this card is from '86. I bought the Braves mini team set from '86 that year (four cards, also for two bucks, wheee!) at Atlanta Sports Cards so maybe this completes the set.

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Fleerfan said...

You are correct sir! These are the stickers that came with the 1986 Mini Sets. The 1987 set has a blue top section with red & white stripes, and the 1988 version has a green top section with the same red & white stripes.

Of course they couldn't just put all 26 teams stickers in the box - you only get 18. Therefore, if you want to get a full set of all the teams, you have to buy at least 2 sets.

Well, I've bought 3 sets so far, and am still one team short! But on the other hand I ended up with an extra Braves which made its way to fame & fortune on Sticky Saturday!

If anyone has an extra Texas Rangers from this set, you know who to contact :)