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Friday, February 1, 2008

A few things to get through the day

Between work blowing up, putting together packages to ship and general sleep deprivation, I think I'm just going to find an autograph to post and call it a day. Maybe if I can get a nap in I'll be refreshed later tonight. Meanwhile here's a few things that caught my eye while surfing around this morning.

Here's some pics taken at the Hockey All-Star Fan Fest last weekend. I would have liked to have gotten McFarlane's signature, but I'm glad I didn't blow all my 2008 Topps cash on hockey wax.

Wax Heaven has a great gallery/voter's guide of the 2008 Topps Presidential Candidates set. I hadn't seen any of them besides the Obama and I wondered when Mario had found them. To my surprise a gallery with both fronts and backs can be found at The Smoking Gun. This is actually quite appropriate considering the terrible mugshots that Topps used for some of these cards.

Finally, at The Bench I found this cool thread from Champs96ws about how to mount your favorite cards in a picture frame. I was considering possibly doing this with my Allen & Ginter type set once I was finished with it, but I wasn't really sure how to go about doing it. I have matted pictures in a frame before, it's not that difficult, but I had never thought about using foam board as a way to anchor the cards. I may end up doing this after all, since Tobacco-sized top loaders are easily found nowadays thanks to Topps and their retro sets. Here's a picture of the finished product:

The Smoking Gun celebrity mugshot link alone should keep any of you out there occupied until quitting time, but if you just have to have some more card blogging action, check out Cardboard Mania. I found this while browsing through The Bench and it looks pretty good, give it a shot. Here's a nice catch of some Topps shenanigans I'd never seen before, and I love the enthusiasm he has for old cards.


hartmanj said...

I love the framed look. I just checked the link and another collector put his framed cards up. Looks good and looks easier to do.

Russ said...

I like the frame too, however, I think the frame there is a bit disproportional to the amount of cards being put in it.