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Monday, February 25, 2008

Who Needs A Gimmick

Remember that Obama autograph I linked to last week? Here's the final tally:

Yikes. There are 14 more of those out there somewhere too. If you don't have three grand lying around, Hillary is also on eBay right now with a high bid of 56 bucks. There's five days left though and she's going to be getting a ton of press coverage this week. Can Hillary's 'graph break 4 figures? Can she beat Obama? According to the checklist there are cut autos from Hillary, Obama, Edwards, McCain and Thompson. I think Huckabee has a sig or a relic in Donruss Americana too. Anyone seen a Big Mac auto out there? AND WHERE THE HECK IS RON PAUL'S AUTOGRAPH?!?! There's a buncha lotta communists up there in Duryea, apparently.

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