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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sooper Bawl Extravaganza - Blister pack

Ok, here's the three packs in that repack blister. I'll open them when the game gets lousy. I'm too busy watching a Giant load of Patriotic mush and overpriced commercials right now.

The Godfather commercial was stupid. I hate how that entire film has been turned into a tired cliche. Here's the first pack, a Score pack from 2005 with Tom Terrific on the wrapper.

289 Kevin Carter
248 Julian Peterson
276 Joe Jurevicius
4 Darnell Dockett
89 Rod Smith
105 Javon Walker glossy
348 Marcus Spears rookie

Well that one sucked. Javon Walker's the only card that could remotely be called a star. On the plus side Kevin Carter is apparently a fan of interpretive dance. Oh crap, my wife changed the channel to E! while I typed up this post. I have to got reclaim the TV...

Ok, the remote is hidden. Eli got picked. Looks like the Pats are ready to start piling on. The Jeter commercial made me feel warm and fuzzy. That G2 stuff is pretty good too. Rocky ripoff commercial is lame. No more movie references! Time to open the Topps pack.

218 Byron Leftwich
258 Larry Fitzgerald
124 Cedrick Wilson
213 Mstt Hasselbeck All Pro
294 Marvin Harrison All Pro
175 DJ Williams
135 Reggie Brown
139 Deion Branch
EA 2 of 20 Larry Johnson
350 Travis Wilson RC
364 Joseph Addai RC
54 Chris McAlister

Ok, who the hell thought computer animated lizards dancing Thriller was a good idea. Meh. Speaking of computer amimated, I got a Larry Johnson game insert in this pack. It doesn't have Tecmo Bowl cheats so it is of no use to me. The Joseph Addai rookie is though. Sweet!

So much for high powered offenses. At least the ugly cashew girl commercial made me laugh. I also approve of Justin Timberlake abuse. Let's knock out the Turkey Red.

No. 48 Ladell Betts
No. 150 Ladanian Tomlinson
No.62 LJ Smith
RED N0. 129 RED Kevin Faulk
No. 304 Todd Heap
No.313 Eric Parker
No. 7 Jonathan Vilma
No.28 Edgerrin James

Jeez, what a snoozer. How did Lewis Grizzard put it? Two mules fighting over a turnip? Oh well. The Turkey Red looks nice. LT's a good pull and I got a Red Patriot card. I'd better put a pot of coffee on if I'm going to make it through the rest of the game.

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