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Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Day Late and a Jumbo Short

Here it is, The King of Sets. 2008 is not off to a stellar start though. I broke in the year with a pack of Upper Deck instead of my beloved, then after recommending to every one I knew that they should gt a jumbo box, Mr. Hypocrite buys a regular ol' Hobby box. Why'd I do that? There are some things I will not do, and one of them is spend 100 dollars on a box of Topps that is not at least 30 years old. After seeing pre-sells all over the place for 80 online, I walked into the store and got sticker shock. Technically the price started with a 9, but I'd be burning a Franklin in any case. If Topps had gotten the damn boxes on the truck a day earlier I would have gotten caught up in First Day Frenzy and done it anyway, but you snooze, you lose. At least now I have extra money to go to another Heritage box.

Ok, you should know the drill by now, first post is dedicated to the box and box toppers and ancillary crap, then I open 4 packs at a time till the box is busted and online. That way I boost my post count for February by 11 posts with one box! You see the box top up above, basically Manny being Manny. Here's the bottom with the typical legalese.

You don't care about that though, there are only two things remotely interesting on the bottom. One, there is no sign of a Barry Bonds logo anywhere. Thank teh Jeebus. Two, there are the groupings for the auto and relic cards. Here's that scanned in a higher DPI so you can actually read it:

There is also a serial number stamped on the inside of the flap. I shall scan it and post it, for I am insane.

Ok the box is open and there's nothing but packs which is slightly disappointing. I liked those stickers they used to put in so you could label your 800 count box. Maybe they're still doing them and I just got screwed. I hope that's the case. Here's the obligatory wrapper scan:

Manny stretches in front of a flag of Japan. Nice looking pack, bright colors, it should pop out on the shelf. Here's the back, specifically the insert odds:

It's a little hard to read, but click on it and you should be able to make it out. Typical stuff. Lots of inserts, they should hit at about one a pack. Enough of this. Time to rip and post. The first pack is going on A Pack A Day, but I will give you a taste here.


Aaaaaaaand we're off!


Russ said...

Hopefully I can get a box of this on saturday. Hopefully.

Anonymous said...

I like those stickers too. That is a cheap thing that is a plus for someone with terrible handwriting.

dayf said...

I've seen ebay auctions for complete sets that include the sticker, so I think I just got gypped.