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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More Political Junk

Thanks to Russ at The House of Cardboard for reminding me about this. Over at eTopps today they are running a special set of Presidential Candidates for today only. Including the one I'm voting for today. And in the Allen & Ginter design. You can probably see where I'm going with this.

Now, I have stated in the past that I think that eTopps is a bloody stupid idea. Paying money for cards you can't even have unless you pay again to have them shipped. The cards look nice and they're entombed in a thick plastic case so no harm shall ever befall their refractory surfaces, but overall I think it's a dumb idea and not worth it. That being said, I just spent about 20 minutes of cursing at my computer screen while my old Topps account got locked for eternity because I couldn't remember my password and it wouldn't take the answer to my secret question (seriously, I know the name of my first pet, don't give me that crap Topps) and I ended up registering a new account. Just to buy a card of a scheming politician that will likely disappoint me before it's all said and done.

Yep, I'm a lousy hypocrite and I'm going to have to explain the credit card charge to my wife, but I had to do it. I like the card too much. Assuming I get it (longshot) I'm going to have it delivered and I'll post it here. If I don't get it I might even try to eBay it, I like it that much. So if you want any of those cards, better do it quick because the offer expires at midnight tonight. And please don't buy my card out from under me.


AlbuqwirkE said...

Seems like as good a day as any to register my opinion on cardboard slabbed in industrial-strength plastic casing... NO THANKS!

Maybe if it was also fireproof, but I need to be able to touch my cards.

dayf said...

I know. I'm a dirty shameful hypocrite and I've let everyone down. Thing is there are two possible outcomes to this venture:

1) I dodge the bullet and don't get the card. Nothing lost but my dignity and it could inspire an anti-eTopps screed for a future post.

2) I win the card, pay to have it shipped and then once I get it in my hands I won't give a crap what anyone thinks because I genuinely like the card.

Pretty much win/win far as I can see. I didn't have much dignity to lose in the first place to be honest. I'm not the only blogger who has bought a ridiculous card or an overpriced box on impulse before.

Anonymous said...

dayf, i love that you follow your zen in baseball card collecting...isn't that the whole point? and it looks like you make great decisions. darn, i just looked at the prez cards on etopps, and they ARE pretty cool. uh oh.

Russ said...

Hillary Clinton in a Cubs cap? Yes please!

by the way, I don't like her.