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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trading Mania - Swapping TriStar with Russ

Here's a trade I made with Russ. Ya'll know Russ, right? Russ had some TriStar cards I needed and I had some he needed. After I begged for help with my set he e-mailed me: "I've got 19, 38 and 77. I'll trade those for 7, 69 and 97". Worked for me! I sent him a package of stuff and here's the cards I got:

Russ also sent a few bonus cards:

93-94 Upper Deck Basketball Duane Ferrell - Georgia Tech alum makes good with the hometown team.

1990 Score Sourpuss Scott Bryant - No commentary necessary.

Oh but wait, there's more -

You have two chances at a good photo on your rookie card, yet you make the stink face on both. Nice.

95-96 Fleer Metal Basketball Kevin Garnett RC - WOW. Garnett Rookie card! I'm pretty sure I don't have this. My basketball collection is in a shambles, but I do have one box full of the 'good' stuff. This goes in that box.

1994 Fleer Greg Olson Autograph - Aww yeah! Another post for the autograph blog! Greg Olson kicks butt too. Is he still coaching for that team in St. Paul?

1987 Topps Darryl Motley - I've always been on the fence on whether this card belongs in the Braves team set or not. Sure, it says "Now With Braves" but it's still got the Royals logo on it. Aw, screw it. It's going in the binder.

Another good trade. Thanks Russ!

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