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Friday, February 15, 2008


Alge Crumpler just got cut from the Falcons.

I guess my new favorite player will be this year's #1 pick.

It just occurred to me that other than the history and the geographical proximity, there is absolutely nothing that is keeping me a Falcon fan after these past couple of years. While it won't actually happen, there has never been a better time for me to just cut bait and find a new NFL franchise that won't crush my soul quite as much as Blank & Co. have done recently. They may as well be an expansion team, who is there to look up to? Roddy White? DeAngelo Hall? Michael Boley? Ugh.

If anyone out there wants to recruit me to becoming a fan of their team of choice, go ahead and try, there's never been a better time.


Bay Rat North West said...

As a Tennessee Titans fan I would be doing you a disservice NOT recruiting you. WE have a pro bowl QB too dumb to be involved in illegal activities. OUR offensive line holds up under pressure. OUR defensive secondary has the urge to hit anything. Before or after the play. OUR coaching staff is steady and award winning. One more WR and 2 more wins and the Titans are Super Bowl bound. Plus OUR history includes Earl Campbell, Ken Stabler, Frank Wycheck, the Music City Miracle (forget about the all time collapse in the playofs against the Bills. Mere Pish Posh.) We got it all. Plus I am friends with Tank Williams. Grew up with the Williams family a few blocks away. How many others can offer all this? Not an Aints fan.

Captain Canuck said...

hmmm. a team with more wins than touchdown passes. sign me up for that.... not!

dayf said...

I actually lived in Nashville for a year and I followed the Titans when I was there. I think I'm going to at the very least consider them my #1a team this year so I don't have to suffer through losing every single week. Vince Young reminds me of Michael Vick without the criminally stupid part anyway, so I'd be right at home.

If the Falcons screw up this draft though, I am done with them. I want linemen. NO EXCUSES. I don't care if we can pick Ryan AND McFadden with our #1 pick, without a line to protect them they are useless.