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Thursday, February 7, 2008

A winner is not me

Topps declined to bestow an eTopps A&G Presidential Candidate card upon me. No worries. I probably won't be tempted this badly by another eTopps card now for another decade so it's their loss. If it was someone in a Braves jersey I might have been deeply wounded, but then again, there aren't any Georgians currently on the national political radar at the moment. (which is probably a damn good thing considering some of the fruitcakes we have in and out of office down here) Now I can also keep the blog apolitical since I don't have to post a scan of the candidate I voted for. Hopefully Steve has better luck in his search for more Sox.


Steve Gierman said...

I too was declined for my eTopps.

Russ said...

I tried to buy the set. All I ended up with was Mitt Romney