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Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Swag

Two more contests and a promotion on the interwebs means you can get free stuff!

First up is a time sensitive contest, so get in soon.

The House of Cardboard is offering a prize for the five best stories involving you, your sweetie (or ex-sweeite as the case may be) and your cards. The love triangle from hell. Contest ends at 9pm tonight, so get in quick!

88 Topps Cards is giving away a big pile of stuff including an Eric Davis rookie card. You gotta find a pack of '57 Topps on the web though. The best way to find it is to click on the ads on his site. If you want to cheat, a hacker won't help you, but a Pirate might.

Finally, Awesomely Bad Wax Packs has an awesomely bad forum now. Register, start posting and the first ten to five posts gets an awesomely bad pack. So get to posting'!

The week from Hell is almost over for me (I hope), so you might see some actual card posts this evening. In the meantime go win somethin'!

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Russ said...

I've extended my deadline to midnight