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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sticky Saturday - Shiny Edition

This week's sticker is from what I think is the last Fleer set with logo stickers - '91 Fleer Ultra. At least I can't remember any Fleer set with logo stickers in them anywhere and I've bought a lotta Fleer. These are high-falootin' stickers for Fleer. They've abandoned the card motif for a smaller die-cut logo on foil. Snazzy. Not quite the hologram stickers from [banned], but hey, it's shiny. Which means it doesn't scan worth a crap as you can see here.

I tried to mess with the brightness setting so the sticker didn't appear to be all black, but it now looks mostly black with random smudges. It looks better in person, trust me. Nice and shiny silver. You could shave using the thing as a mirror, as long as you had a reasonably high threshold for pain. I don't know why my scanner has so much trouble with shiny cards, I haven't figured out how to fix that yet. I'm almost afraid to scan a hologram sticker, the whole thing might get sucked into a negative reality inversion. There's not really much to say about these stickers, you open a pack of '91 Fleer and you get a handful of the most inferior "premium" cards of all time and a shiny sticker. This can't really be the last Fleer logo sticker, can it? They had to do at least some obscure oddball set somewhere right? A retro insert I'm forgetting about? There can't really be 16 year old kids with driver's licenses out there who were never alive when Fleer logo stickers roamed the earth, can there?? Jeez I'm old.


Bay Rat North West said...

If you go to a photo store that specializes in digital there are overlays that reduce the sheen on refractors and holograms for scanning. I forget the name of them but they are about 15 dollars. Just lay it on the scanner and the card on it and presto. We used them in print shop I worked in.

Fleerfan said...

Unfortunately this is the last Fleer logo sticker set issued. I've not come across any other release from Fleer in the last 16 years that had any logo stickers.

Heck, even Topps issued logo stickers in 2001 & 2002. In 2001 the Opening Day set had team logo sticker inserts and 2002 Topps had a Topps Logo Race Baseball Cap contest where you tried to collect stickers from all the teams in a particular division to win a baseball cap. The stickers had a large logo sticker and a small sticker that you would peel and put on the game card to collect the necessary teams for that particular division to win a cap.

A company that will remain nameless really should do something to address this travesty of justice.

dayf said...

Yeah I remember the Topps stickers now. They made them hard to get though - why can't someone just insert cheapo stickers in every pack?

I'll have to look for one of those overlays. I don't have any problem scanning refractors, they actually scan best of all the cards for some reason. It's foil cards that look terrible. That's why all my Topps scans from last year look solid black because the foil wouldn't scan.