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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Cards

I love old Topps Super Bowl Cards. Here's a few of them that I have.

Still the only undefeated team.

Nice shot of Terry Bradshaw.

Rumbling Riggins running through the Dolphin line.

Plunkett hands off to Allen. Great picture.

Classic pose by Wendell Tyler.

McMahon hands off to... Matt Suhey? Damn Topps, there wasn't one photo of Sweetness in the archives?

Ok, this card doesn't fit the old cardboard motif of the rest of the ones on this page. Even the foil is that Holographic stuff. It's still my favorite Super Bowl card.

1 comment:

Steve Gierman said...

Sweetness was robbed of his touchdown, so Topps robbed him of his card.