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Friday, February 15, 2008

Topps Target Exclusive Inserts

Last year Topps packs at Target had Ted Williams mirror cards that were exclusive to Target packs. The mirrors are gone this year, replaced by a T-205 tribute set. T-205 is a great design and unlike their recent Trading Card History sets, they actually remembered the gold border on these cards. The wrapper extols you to collect the first 15 cards and shows a 1:4 ratio for the cards, with relics dropping at 1:1883 packs. I snagged a handful of packs and ended up pulling one-fifth of the set.

The three I pulled are all rookies from the base set, Wladimir Balentien, Steve Pearce and Chin-Lung Hu. I guess this could mean that the set is focusing on rookies only (Brandon Jones in the set, maybe?) but Mario at Wax Heaven ripped a few packs for Valentine's day and pulled an Albert Pujols. In any case, they are pretty slick. Concidering the Topps205 binder in my bookcase has a complete base, T202 and Polar Bear series 1 set, I'll bet you can guess how I feel about these. One more insert set to chase. Oh bother.

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