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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


2008 Heritage has apparently hit the dealers. One guy on eBay is claiming he has boxes "in hand", another actually has singles up for bid. There are also apparently 'black back' SPs. I dont' know if these are variations or if Topps just distinguished the SP's by giving them black backs. Since the original high series cards had black ink on the backs instead of green, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the latter. We don't need a bunch of stealth variation cards, and they did it with the 2005 set with the Hobby only white/gray back variation so there's a precedent.

Of personal interest in the Braves Team set for sale. If correct, here's the Bravos in the sets for you fellow chopheads out there:

Mark Teixeira
Tim Hudson
Tim Hudson again Black back (uh oh)
Buddy Carlyle
Brandon Jones RC
Jeff Francoeur
Fence Busters Jones/Jones (YES!!!)
Rafael Soriano
Kelly Johnson
Tom Glavine (Please oh Pllllease be photochopped out of that awful uni)
Chucky James
Yunel Escobar
Clint Sammons RC
Team card
Brian McCann
John Smoltz
Chipper Jones
Brian McCann All-Stars

Nice team set, good selection of players, and it looks like there's a combo, Rookie and All-Star subset in there. 18 cards in the set will look nice in two pages.

I got your back Steve, here's the White Sox team set for your approval. Also Orioles, Indians, Reds, (blech) Mets... am I missing any of my fellow bloggers' favorites? Rangers and Twins aren't online yet.

Also, the buy back cards have a special foil logo stamped on them. I was dreaming of pulling an Aaron out of my box, but now I'd prefer Johnny Logan or Sad Sam Jones instead. It would be a travesty if Topps defiled a Mantle or Bob Gibson rookie with foil. (Note, I'm not affiliated with this ebay seller, nor am I getting a kickback. He's just the first to the punch and I'm getting all my info from him)

Nothing new on the Beckett boards or The Bench. If the dealers are starting to crack product though we should be seeing stuff soon. I'll keep you guys posted.



MMayes said...

I saw a box at a shop in Joplin, Mo today. They actually exist.

Steve Gierman said...

Thanks for the heads up! That means my box should be coming soon! Yay!

I'm a little skeptical about some of the inclusions. It would help if the seller actually had a picture of the team lot, so I could varify for myself.

Russ said...

Just so you know, Glav is back in the right shade of blue http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-2008-TOPPS-Heritage-BRAVES-TOM-GLAVINE_W0QQitemZ310027323155QQihZ021QQcategoryZ149905QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem