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Monday, February 4, 2008

Card of the week 2/04/08

If I would have realized today's date was exponential, I would have found a clever math-related card to post, but I think you'll enjoy this one all the same. All of you out there should be familiar with BillRipken.com. If you aren't, then you need to click on that link NOW. You will learn many things, grasshopper. Once you're up to speed you can fully appreciate this post.

One of the best parts of that site is their gallery of 'adult' cards. The trading cards with various naughty things on them. Now obviously when you see these cards as a collector, your first reaction is ZOMG I WANT THOSE GIMME GIMME GIMME. That was basically my reaction, although I already have a good chunk of them. The Frank Thomas birds, Rusty Kuntz, Dick Pole, those I've had for a while. Some are more difficult to find such as the Leon Washington auto and the one-of-one FU patch. And where the heck can you find a Dread Zeppelin card nowadays, wiener or no wiener? One of the cards that I knew I had, but was too lazy to find, was the Paul Gibson "Alan Trammell adjusting his junk" card.

It's by no means a rare card, and I can still buy '89 Score packs at the local dealer three for a buck, but I still wanted it. I'm mildly fascinated by strange variation cards and one as funny as this was too good not to have. I already have a truckload of old Score lying around and I thought I probably had one, but couldn't motivate myself to actually go look for it. This weekend I was scrounging through a monster box labeled "Weirdness" (which is a very apt name for the box) looking for some cards to include in my Pack A Day giveaway prizes. I didn't find anything to give the winners but I did find this card.

Grab that crotch Alan! Here's the back even though no one cares about that side of the card.

Great specs on Gibson. Dude spent eleven years in the minors just so his rookie card would be infamous for an All-Star grabbing his package. Kinda sad really, here he is an eight year veteran of the league and this is how I celebrate his achievements. Laughing at something he didn't even do. You got to take fame where you can get it, I suppose. Paul's son was a 4th round pick of the Nationals in 2006, and he's pitched pretty well in A-ball so far. Good enough to get his own cards, which thankfully have no funny business happening on them. Paul should be proud.


Anonymous said...

He seems to really be getting into that grab with a little body lean. Nice catch, I have sorted a few sets of these over the years and I have never noticed this illegal use of hands.

Bay Rat North West said...

I have been wondering whose card this is. I remembered the card, just not the player's name. There is an airbrushed version where "The Grab" has been removed.

Andy said...

that adult gallery is awesome!

dayf said...

I would have never even known about this card if it weren't for Donovan, the proprietor of BillRipken.com.


Anonymous said...

Oh Man, Im famous now !!

My buddy Jon does all the hard work. I get the credit. Kinda like Milli Vanilli. Well not really. lol

I have 3 of those Zeppelin cards laying around. One for you dayf, If ya want it. It has that pink dot that I was told was something but Im not so sure. Anyways if you want one, email me thru the website and with a SASE one can yours.

Glad you like the site !!!


While supplies last. Limit one per household. Canadians residents must answer a mathmatical skill question. If the card increases in value in the next 10 years right I have reserve the right of emminent domain.

Anonymous said...

Please forgive my grammer errors. I got caught up in the excitement.