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Monday, February 25, 2008

Trading Mania - Trading with Thorzul

We're fighting on A Pack A Day, but that doesn't mean we can't still make trades. Here's a couple of mutually beneficial swaps I made with my man Thorzul (who will Rule).

In two separate trades (I'm posting them both at the same time because I was lazy and put off the first one) I sent Thorzul a pile of 07 Updates & Highlights cards, an Allen & Ginter N43 card of Prince Fielder I had an extra of, and the Ryan Braun/Yovani Gallardo insert I pulled from my '52 Rookies box break. I have the scan of the Fielder card, but not the Braun because I thought I scanned if for the box break. Oops. I also sent a bunch of extra stuff that I can't remember, you'll have to pester Thorzul to see those cards. Here's the schwag I got in return:

First up is a pile of 2007 Topps Updates and Highlights. Once again I don't have a scan because I sorted them into my set already. You know what this stuff looks like. Little squares and whatnot.

The next two were the keys to the trade, but unfortunately I can't show them to you or even talk about them because of a stunt a certain card manufacturer pulled. You can see them for yourself here and here (the relic card). The one I needed for my set and the other is a Brave (finally) so what the heck. Here are the throw ins, which are often the best part of any trade anyway.

A few Bravo cards, including a Justice Rookie, Avery with the Richmond Braves and a Post cereal Glavine that didn't make the cut for Mmmmmmmm cards. Plus a sticker! Yay sticker!

JESSIE TUGGLE ROOKIE CARD!!!!1 I got a couple dozen of them, but I'll take all I can get. Also a Bert Emmanuel rookie and a wonderfully gaudy Andre Rison Fleer insert.

An Atlanta Hawk from their glory years and the Hawks scouting and player development department that was instrumental in putting the team together.

Another unsolicited Wacky Packages card. You guys are going to make me buy a box of this eventually, and when I do you're going to suffer through me posting all the worst puns from the box.

Finally there was a card from Thorzul's infamous Juicy Honey box break that I earned by leaving an informative and relevant comment on his blog. I believe the informative and relevant comment was "WTF?!?!?". I considered posting the card, strategically censored to make it look filthier than is actually was (the card is waaaaay tamer than most of the swimsuit edition ads on SI's web site) but since I might get linked by an actual media outlet this week I thought better of it. Too bad, so sad. Thorzul did respect my trading card nipple aversion and sent me one sans nipplage. Of course the set's logo itself sort of defeats the purpose but they are stylized boobies which are ok. If you want to know what the hell I'm talking about go find Thorzul's post on your own. I got kids reading this here blog.

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