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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Supper Bowel Target Cube

I'll scan all this crap later. Here's what I got out of this five dollar cube. By the way, there is a 1:8 chance for a game used card in the cube. Do you think I pulled one? Would I bring it up if I didn't?

1990 Topps Junior Seau rookie 28T
This is the reason I picked this cube. I don't have a Seau Rookie and it's about time I got one. I could probably pick up two traded sets for the price I paid for this cube though.

Washington Huskies Football Greats - 4 Thane Cleland 84 Paul Schweigler
Just the thing for a SEC football fan. A card of a PAC-10 Punter from 1986. The back if funny though, Thane Cleland was authorized by Thane Cleland. Good for him.

1992 World Football League 152 John Garrett
I thought this was the Cowboy's assistant coach until I looked up the name. Oh well.

1989 Topps 1000 Yard Club 4 Henry Ellard, 8 Greg Bell, 18 Al Toon
I like these 1K club cards and I miss them even though 1000 years means nothing anymore.

2004 UD Legends Eddie George
1991 Fleer Bruce Smith
A couple of star cards for Added Value.

2006 Finest Odell Thurman
Yeah, he's a troublemaker, but he's a fellow Bulldog. Plus the card's all red so it reminds me of the Alma Mater. The quality drops precipitously from here.

Oh yeah, going for it on 4th and 13 on the third quarter. Genius at work. How much did Viniateri sign for again? I desperately want to make a Robot blow job joke after the Wall-E commercial but that would be tasteless. On with the cards.

1990 Fleer 143 Merril Hoge, 200 Leonard Griffin, U-118 Alton Montgomery
I can buy a box of this stuff for 8 bucks at the local shop but I haven't been able to pull the trigger though. I think it's because the silver football reminds me too much of a *ahem* "personal stimulation device" if you catch my drift. Merril Hoge is an idiot, but I can't remember exactly why at the moment.

1991 Upper Deck 283 Mike Rozier, 525 Kevin Porter , 649 Bruce Pickens Draft Pick, 524 Steve McMichael, 473 Rod Woodson MVP, 677 Steve Wallace
Damn I love this set. WHY CAN'T UPPER DECK BE LIKE THIS ANYMORE? The Bruce pickens draft pick gave me heartburn though.

Ok, babies buying stock online is why our economy is so fucked up right now.

Most of a pack of 1988 Topps
I'm missing the 100 yard club card and whatever good card was in the pack. Anthony Carter was the best of the bunch if that tells you anything.

1991 Pacific 21 Ray Bentley, 145 Chris Spielman, 477 Nesby Glasgow
This stuff looked so cool in 1991 and it looks so corny now. Nesby Glasgow is an awesome name. And Chris Spielman has such a big fat ass that when he walks down the street people say, "Goddammit, that's a big fat ass!". It'll make sense once I scan the card.

1995 Collector's Choice 232 Cortez Kennedy
Cortez was a badass back in the day.

7-3 in the fourth Quarter. BORING.

We have hit the middle of the cube. There's a pack and an otherwise here, but I'll save them for last.

Stewie and Underdog Macy's Thanksgiving Parade floats fighting over a Coke! CHARLIE BROWN GETS THE COKE!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud to be an Atlantan. WE DID THAT. ATLANTANS. Pepsi sucks.

1995 Action Packed Leroy Hoard
Leroy effectively describes my collecting habits.

1991 Score William Perry
'91 was the golden age for awesome cheap football sets.

1991 Wild Card Wesley Carroll
Well, except for this one.

1995 Fleer 220 Mark Ingram
'95 Fleer is just so weird. All of it. Every set just plain weird.

Pro Line Classics Pogs Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas
Pogs in cards is either the greatest blunder of Western Civilization, or unappreciated brilliance. I haven't decided which.

Ok, Coke just did a political commercial and now I'm ashamed to be an Atlantan. We suck.

Apparently New York scored or something. Good thing New England kicked that field goal. Oh wait.

1989 Pro Set 289 Joe Morris, 358 Gill Byrd, 110 Steve Sewell, 79 Kevin Mack
One of the great blunders of my life was looking at a box of '89 Pro Set and a box of '89 Score football, and choosing the Pro Set.

1999 Topps Stars 58 Wayne Chrebet two stars.
Woohoo! A late nineties parallel card of a retired minor star!

Two packs of 2007 Score with the good cards and glossies taken out
Jeremiah Trotter is the best of the bunch.

Another punt, hooray. Time for Brady to do something already.

Aaaaaaaand there it is. Brady to Moss.

Time for Manning to do something already.

1996 Ultra 134 Chris Miller
We traded Brett Favre because Chris was the QB of the future. Here he is in a Rams jersey.

1994 Collector's Choice 148 Renaldo Turnbull
1991 Ultra 44 Ray Childress
1992 Pro Set 553 Tony Zendejas
1990 Pro Set 436 Ray Bentley
I have nothing to say about any of these cards.

A Victoria's Secret commercial, followed by jumper cables on the nipples, followed by Ben Roethlisberger singing the Pina Colada Song has effectively killed my libido for the next few months. That's not going to get dislodged out of my brain anytime soon.

Down by three in the 4th quarter with less than two minutes to go is the time to go for it on fourth down.

1995 Pinnacle 134 Jim Kelly Rookie Replay
A Jim Kelly subset card, yay.

Holy Fuxk, what a catch.

PLAXICO! Holy crap! Teh Dynasty is rooned!

1980 Topps 184 Ken Johnson, 274 Jeff Komlo, 221 Tim Foley, 360 Rick Upchurch, 199 Louie Giammona
I love getting cards this old in stuff like this.

Topps stuff - '89 Steve Largent Record Breaker, '99 Priest Holmes, '88 Curtis Duncan and Dwayne Woodson, '90 Traded Tommie Agee and Cortez Kennedy.
no type, watch game

1994 Pinnacle 202 Trent Dilfer rookie
Trent has as many Super Bowl rings and Eli Manning.

Oh, run the play already.

Pack: 1990 Pro Set Series II
Relic card: Too good to post right now. I'll post it later when I can really put the effort into writing up the post.

The Giants won the Super Bowl. Who woulda thunk it?


Steve Gierman said...

This is why I can't stand Bill Belichick. 1 second left to go, his team doesn't even have the ball, yet he makes everybody go back to play for 1 second that doesn't matter anyway. Then he doesn't even stick around to watch it! Talk about a sore loser!

Kevin said...

Leave it to me to read your blog while I try to sober up...what a night. My roommate's a Giants fan, so we're happy here. My sister told me she's engaged, and my friends all brought beer and food.

To respond to your post...

Merill Hoge is a dick because he inexplicably rags on Vince Young all the time.

I still have a binder full of pogs somewhere, including several Classic NFL player pogs and a bunch of team logos. Blast from the past.

The jumper cable-nipple guy was Donkey Lips from the historic "Salute Your Shorts".

And that's a wrap.

Anonymous said...

Great post! You had be cracking a smile with many of your observations. Except for the Political Coke comment, I liked that commercial. As a whole the commercials were sub par this year.

dayf said...

Kevin - Yep, that's it. I couldn't remember it at the time but the Vince Young thing is exactly why he's a dick.

Joey - I'm just completely sick of politics right now, especially since I have The Feeling Of Impending Doom about SuperDuperPooper Tuesday.