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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trading Mania - TriStar set Complete!

Man, it feels good to finish a set. A while back I begged for TriStar cards to fill my set and reader Brad came through. Brad was one of the winners in my last box break contest on A Pack A Day and my good Karma from giving out prizes paid off once again. I sent Brad 5 Bowman Chrome Draft cards he needed plus a horribly photoshopped Miguel Cabrera card and got these babies in return:

This set is DONE. Sweetness. We also have another deal in the works for some Minor league team sets. I'll make sure I show them off too. Thanks Brad!


Bay Rat North West said...

Congrats on the set. Always a good feeling to know you finished it.

Now a Braves question:
What's the deal with Peter Moylan? Is he expected to be on the team? I cannot find him on any depth charts and like him numbers.

dayf said...

Peter Moylan is the official 8th inning set up guy/emergency closer if Soriano gets hurt or sucks. At least until Mike Gonzalez gets back.

In other words, he's a lock to make the team and have an important role in the bullpen. The man is completely covered in tattoos as well.