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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Falcon in the Hall!

Falcons Assistant Head Coach Emmitt Thomas was elected to the Hall of Fame today along with Art Monk, Darrell Green, Andre Tippett, Gary Zimmerman and Fred Dean. The Falcons currently have no full-timers in the Hall of Fame (Why the f@$& isn't Tommy Nobis in you dumbass moron voters?!?) so I'm claiming Emmitt as a Falcon. Winning one of three games with that trainwreck of a team surely sealed the deal although he was a pretty damn good corner for the Chiefs too. Dang, those wikipedia guys sure are on the ball aren't they? The NFL had him fly out to Phoenix at the last minutes so that must have tipped them off. I'm really happy for Emmitt, it's nice that something positive has happened to the local franchise for once. Deion Sanders will get in sooner or later, but for the time being Emmitt and this guy at least count as Hall of Famers for the local team.

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