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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trading Mania - Losing My Virginity at The Bench

Reader James saw my Topps205 Luis Castillo scribble auto and sent me an e-mail stating he has the same card with the exact same scribble. He also noticed I was missing the 1956 Braves team set card with the "1955" variation in this post. James is apparently a very loyal reader! James happened to have a duplicate of that card that he upgraded for his set and offered it to me for trade. I said heeeeell yeah, what do you need? James is working on a Topps206 relic set (!!!) and wondered if I had any I could trade. I had a few (mostly Braves, natch) but no dupes. I did offer him the Bernie Williams and Doug Mientkavich ( I have no idea how to spell his name and I don't care) relics I had since I didn't mind giving them up as much as the others. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Problem is James already had both. Argh. However, James is a trader on The Bench and he said he could use them for future trade bait. Hooray! I've actually had a login on the Bench for a while but I never made any trades. I used it mostly to comment infrequently and to swipe ideas for posts from their threads. So we worked out a deal, these two cards and a fiver for the 1956 card I needed, plus I get to get my first post on The Bench. Then the Monster popped up.

I have a little critter who lives way back in my brain that acts irrational whenever I try to give up a "good" card. He's kind of like Daffy Duck in the cartoon with Bugs Bunny where they both find a genie's treasure. He jumps up a lot and yells "MINE! MINE! MINE!". This guy can be a real pain in the ass (Just ask Chris Harris about a Donruss CC. Sabathia card, go ahead) when I'm trying to trade and I had to fight him off to make this trade. Here's how my mind works: If it's a double, it's worthless. If it's a card I don't care about, it's worthless. If it's a card I like and not a double, it may as well be the Hope Diamond. Unfortunately, I happen to like Bernie Williams, so the Monster started making racket. It would have been no problem if James had actually needed the card as I respect anyone actually attempting to make up a difficult set like that. I finally beat the Monster into submission and made the deal. Here's my beauty:

Once I got it in my hands I forgot all about Bernie. This is a tough variation from that set that I have had problems finding. Now my 1956 Topps team set is really complete. Plus James actually needed the Bernie Williams card! It was a third series relic that he didn't have. Here's the back:

I've always liked these team cards for the diagram of the ballpark in the corner. It's a really nice looking card, shame about the marks on the front, but I'll never begrudge someone for marking a checklist. Plus there was a bonus:

Two more Goudeys off my want list. Brilliant! Great trade all around and one of these days I'll have to do some more swapping on the Bench.


hartmanj said...

Love those '56s.

Jeff said...

I gleaned over the title to this post 3 or 4 times before i realized it said "Bench" and not "Beach." I was expecting something completely different, and not at all about Braves cards. Thanks so much for not sharing that with us.

cdorso said...

Welcome to the Bench! Trust me, you'll love us. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, when my reader loaded up I read "beach" too. Its funny how our eyes and mind don't always compute at the same rate.