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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hastily written Heritage post before I run out to get my boxes

Ok, found a little more info on the interwebs for Heritage, here's the scoop.

Black Back parallels are 1 per pack, the last one in the pack.

SP's and inserts are usually the second to the last in the pack.

There is supposed to be a hit in every box, but there have been several complaints of that not actually happening.

This guy here pulled an all-nighter for a case break to try to cobble together an SP list. Using his data I came up with a "not quite right but possible for most of them" SP list that I'll post below. This is not even remotely the actual confirmed SP list but I want it to refer to when I bust my box. I'll post a real list once one becomes available.

There's a dude in Amsterdam who is a big '59 Topps fan who ordered a case. He's going to put the case break on YouTube, but in the meantime he has a video preview of the original 1959 cards.

I'm off to pick up my box now, today is going to be real busy so I probably won't have my first long drawn out box break post for you till late this evening. I'm crossing my fingers for a buy back chiptopper...

Ok, here's the not quite right but close enough SP list. There are 85 cards in the list and only 75 SPs so some of them are going to be wrong. Use only as a guide and not as an actual SP list.

40 Tim Hudson
129 Luke Hochevar
155 Johnny Damon
175 Jeff Weaver
176 Preston Wilson
196 Jose Valverde
210 J.J. Putz
211 Mike Sweeney
231 Kevin Gregg
285 Chad Billingsley
315 Jacque Jones
322 Richie Sexson
360 Maggio Ordonez
381 Casey Blake
409 Jon Lester
426 Kyle Lohse
427 Doug Davis
428 Pitt Hill Aces
429 Miguel Batista
430 Chien-Ming Wang
431 Jeff Salazar
432 Yadier Molina
433 Adam Wainwright
434 Scott Kazmir
435 Adam Dunn
436 Ryan Freel
437 Jhonny Peralta
438 Kazuo Matsui
441 Emil Brown
442 Gary Sheffield
443 Jake Peavy
444 Scott Rolen
445 Kason Gabbard
446 Aaron Hill
447 Felipe Lopez
448 Dan Uggla
449 Willy Taveras
450 Chipper Jones
451 Josh Anderson
452 Melvin's Outfield Trio
453 Braden Looper
454 Brandon Inge
455 Brian Giles
456 Corey Patterson
457 Los Angeles Dodgers
458 Sean Casey
459 Pedro Feliz
461 Chone Figgins
462 Kyle Kendrick
463 Tony Pena
464 Marcus Giles
465 Augie Ojeda
466 Micah Owings
467 Ryan Theriot
468 Shawn Green
469 Frank Thomas
470 Lenny Dinardo
471 Jose Bautista
472 Manny Corpas
473 Kevin Millwood
474 Kevin Youkilis
475 Jose Contreras
477 Julio Lugo
479 Tony LaRussa - All Star
480 Jim Leyland - All Star
481 Derrek Lee - All Star
482 Justin Morneau - All Star
483 Orlando Hudson - All Star
484 Brian Roberts - All Star
485 Miguel Cabrera - All Star
486 Mike Lowell - All Star
487 J.J. Hardy - All Star
488 Carlos Guillen - All Star
489 Ken Griffey Jr. - All Star
490 Vladimir Guerrero - All Star
491 Alfonso Soriano - All Star
492 Ichiro - All Star
493 Matt Holiday - All Star
494 Magglio Ordonez - All Star
495 Brian McCann - All Star
496 Victor Martinez - All Star
497 Brad Penny - All Star
498 Josh Beckett - All Star
499 Cole Hamels - All Star
500 Justin Verlander - All Star


Extra Innings said...

I'm going to try to pickup a box this weekend. If this was the last baseball card pack(s) I open for the rest of the year, I would be happy.

Anonymous said...

I am picking up my box of Heritage tomorrow, really looking forward to it.