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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fear the Marlins

Watch out for those Marlins... They just got a new stadium deal, they haven't traded their most expensive player yet, and they are ready to compete in the NL East. Well, in 2012 maybe.

To celebrate they are organizing a new cheerleading team to root on the floundering fishies. Unfortunately, they are not recruiting down in South Beach, but more like Ft. Lauderdale. The Marlins are looking for a team of ten big fat men to dance and jiggle their team to Victory. I guess they miss Miguel Cabrera's little pudge since they traded him and want something to remind them of the glory days. The team will be called the Manatees and will get free tickets to the games they shake their money makers for the crowd. It's a damn shame I live so far away, I'd be a natural. The Marlins should check out YouTube for potential applicants.

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Wax Heaven said...

I thought about doing this for a split second before remembering that I have a shred of dignity.