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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sticky Saturday - Super Bowl Edition

Since it's kind of a Football weekend, I thought I'd share one of the two Falcons stickers I got in my package from Fleerfan. This one was inserted in 1982 1981 Fleer Action Football packs.

I bought a few of these packs back in the early 80's at the local Majik Market. These stickers, along with the ones from the 1982 and 1983 editions are part of the reason I'm fascinated by team logos today. This one here has a neat design with the team logo on top of a football field design that taught many children the wonders of perspective. The other football logo stickers I got had the logo by itself and I ended up peeling and sticking those more often than these. These cards seemed more card like, plus the sticker itself took up a lot more real estate since it wasn't die cut. The cards had a helpful schedule on the back where you could follow the team and write in the final scores. In 1981 I wasn't paying that much attention to football where I'd know the teams record at any given time, let alone each individual score. One thing that bugs me about some Falcons logos on cards is that the logo was originally designed to kinda sorta look like an F if you squint at it right. Putting it backwards like on this card blows the effect. I don't think I ever pulled a Falcon sticker back in 1981 (and NFL logos are just plain scarce compared to baseball stickers), so this is a great addition to my stash.

Update: Fleerfan pointed out that these stickers are from 1981, not 1982. Which makes sense since why would you need a 1981 schedule in 1982. D'oh! That's why he's the expert, folks!

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