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Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Combatants

I got inspired by Fleerfan and dug up these old stickers I had.

The New York Football Giants

Old School Patriots.

The Patriots card is from 1988 as you can see from the schedule on the back.
The Giants card is a little more troublesome...

Mmmmmmm gum. More value for your money! I'll defer to Fleerfan for identifying this one.

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Fleerfan said...

Fleerfan at your service. The blue bordered Fleer Football Sticker with the Dubble Bubble Ad on the back is from 1987.

Fleer also issued a blue bordered sticker set in 1985, but these have the older double bar face mask, and have details on the Fleer NFL Cheer Contest where you could submit a cheer for your team in 30 words or less to wind prizes like team jackets.