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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trading Mania - Baseballcardman

One of the many trades I've made lately is with blogger Baseballcardman. He posted an offer I couldn't refuse: 25 Royals cards for 25 of my team. I got plenty of Royals to go around and I could always use more Braves. Actually, I specified "any Atlanta team" just to make it interesting. I tried to send off a good mix to The Man, and we both fudged on the number of cards. Final Tally: Chiefs 28, Falcons 27. Curses! Next time he gets a shoebox full. Actually, now that I think about it, I sent him an unopened pack for Donruss All Stars too. W00t! Late touchdown pass from Vick Chris Redman to Crumpler Roddy White! Here's my pack of goodies:

1998 Pacific Paramount Chipper Jones - Is it just me or do all the Pacific releases just kind of mush together? They had some really striking, really innovative cards in the 90's but they're all completely irrelevant now. That is, except to player collectors, and Chippers = Gold in my book.

1992 Leaf John Smoltz
2005 Upper Deck Classics Phil Niekro
1987 Topps Gene Garber - 2 Braves starters and 2 Braves closers in 3 cards. Highly efficient.

2002 Paul Bako - this one goes in my woefully neglected 2000's Topps Braves Team sets binder.

1992 US Playing Card Ron Gant 4 of Hearts
1992 US Playing Card Ron Gant 8 of clubs
1992 US Playing Card Tom Glavine Queen of Spades - This was the flop the time I went all in with a pair of aces. I had to sell my car when I found out the other guy had a pair of 4s. Thanks, Baseballcardman.

1990 US Playing Card Greg Olson 2 of Diamonds - this was the river card. I loved that car.

2001 Upper Deck Legends Andruw Jones - this is a nice looking set but I can't show it to you for 4 more days.
2002 Upper Deck Victory Steve Karsay

2001 Fleer Platinum Winston Abreu and Wilson Betemit Rookies
2001 Bowman Heritage Macay McBride RC
2001 Bowman Heritage Kelly Johnson RC - four highly regarded prospects and seven years later only one of them is a solid contributor to their original team. That's actually a pretty good ratio come to think of it.

1986 Topps Gerald Perry
1999 Skybox Thunder Andres Galarraga - There are short prints in this Skybox set, but I don't think anyone knows or cares about them anymore.

2001 Fleer Platinum Greg Maddux - as insanely popular as the retro Heritage products by Topps are, you have to remember that Fleer, Donruss and Upper Deck all tried the same gimmick and they all flopped horrifically. And suckers like me bought all of them. and now we have entire boxes full of flops.

1998 Upper Deck Kenny Lofton - Ok, the Ban is lifted for one card because Kenny looks delightfully demented on this card. I'm cropping out the logo though.

1998 Score Andruw Jones - Pinnacle brutally killed a great Score brand and for that I will never forgive them.

2004 Studio JD Drew
2004 Studio Michael Hessman
2004 Studio Rafael Furcal - All gone. Long gone. I miss Studio more than the players though.

1992 Upper Deck John Smoltz - Howcome UD didn't put the great picture of Smoltzie dealing heat on the front and the lousy picture of him swinging a bat like a rusty gate on the back??

1995-96 Topps Basketball Alan Henderson RC - Alan was shaping up to be a nice player, but then got really sick and was never the same. He was going for a medical degree, I wonder if he's a doctor now?

1993 Bowman Andre Rison - Andre gets the greasy oil slick treatment on the border of his card, which is what he became after the Dolphin defender flattened him.

1977 Topps Football Ray Easterling - '70s Topps Football cards rule. Correction - 70's Topps ANYTHING rules!

1989 Score Keith Jones RC
1989 Score Mike Kenn - oh what I would give for an offensive tackle like Mike Kenn on the Falcons' line again...

Great bunch of cards from the Baseballcardman. I'd trade with him again, but I'm afraid of what could happen if baseball card junkie and a man made out of baseball cards got together in person. It could be ugly.


Steve Gierman said...

Nice cards! I love that Lofton!

Ir eminded me of this.


Bart McClaughry said...

Thanks Dave, the trade was a lot of fun!!!