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Friday, February 29, 2008

Braves and Dodgers on ESPN


1 pm Eastern, 10am pacific, get ready to watch some baseball!!!

Dave O'Brien will likely be live blogging from the park and here's the Dodgers' starting lineup if you're interested. A gallery of pictures from yesterday's game where Matt DeSalvo apparently got torched can get you warmed up for today's match. I'm getting ready to watch right now, although I'll be watching the later innings on tape delay. Who else but me could possibly schedule a dentist's appointment the same time as the first Braves game of the year? D'oh!


hartmanj said...

I had no idea. I just flipped it on. 5th inning, Braves 6 Dodgers 2. Go Braves.

mmosley said...

Finally, football is over and there is more than Roger and the NBA on Sportcenter!!!

Did you see that sweet throw to second by Javy?

dayf said...

The perfect throw to Kotsay that Yesco and Kelly admired while standing flat footed in their respective positions? Yeah I saw that. AWESOME throw. Javy's back, baby.