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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


2008 Topps Baseball is pushed until Friday.


I just confirmed it with the local hobby shop, they actually got the e-mail from Topps this morning. Guhhh. Screw it, I'm going anyway. UPS might have gotten a stray box by mistake. Please let it all be a big mistake!

My guess is that the reason for the delay is one of three things:

1) Extra time and care put into the Photoshopping of failed Politicians.

2) Olbermann couldn't open the first pack on Countdown due to Super Tuesday.

3) Lawyers scrambling to get image rights after they discover the Japanese Sidd Finch, Kazuo "Uzi" Uzuki,,signed his Topps contract with the Japanese kanji for "Eisner is totally Gay".

Oh jeez, I think I'm going through DT's... I NEED MY FIX DAMMIT. This blog isn't titled Cardboard Junkie for nothin, you know.


Anonymous said...

Hey CJ, First Time Caller long time listener.
I am looking at building the 2008 Topps Set. What is my best value Hobby Box, HTA Box, Jumbo Box - very confusing. I am also interested in building a couple of the inserts - Yr in Review and BB Card History - and probably the candidate cards. There is a show at a nearby mall - should I expect boxes to be available there by this wkend. thanks - D

dayf said...

Jumbo box is more expensive than the Hobby Box, but you will most likely get the entire set, you'll get a relic and auto guaranteed, and you'll get a good chunk of inserts. Enough to start your insert sets and enough other inserts to trade if you want.

FYI - to get the entire BB Card history set, you need to go to a HTA retailer, they will be giving away a card a week from that set soon.

Anonymous said...

Its great to be able to fire up my browser and read your witty comments after a tough day at work.

Points one and two were hilarious!

dayf said...

I forgot to answer Deal's second question - yeah, boxes should be available this weekend. The shop owner actually expected his to be in on Thursday.