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Sunday, February 3, 2008

SuperBig Game Bowl Football Card Extravaganza!

Ok, it's Super Bowl Sunday so what better excuse than to post a crapload of Football cards. The plan was to find one of those 10 dollar blasters with some packs and some cards and whatnot, but the only one I found had the worst cards ever on the front. Something like 2002 Score and a bunch of Press Pass. The bonus was a graded card, no thanks. I made my own blaster instead by buying a pack of 2007 Leaf Rookies & Stars, a 3 pack Legends Blister and a five dollar cube from Target with 75 cards and a pack.

I would have preferred if I could have found a pack of Upper Deck First Edition, but Leaf R&S was the cheapest pack there. What the hell, let's open this overly thick pack.

45 Torry Holt
56 Ronnie Brown
A big ol' chunk of cardboard
6 Jeremy Shockey
73 Jamal Lewis
46 Vernon Davis

Daaayum, these cards suck. Too much white space on the front. The photo has ghosts and stupid looking squares all over it. The exact same photo is on the back, squares and all. There isn't even a rookie in Rookies & Stars. Blech. This pack is a good excuse to start drinking.There is a Jeremy Shockey card in the pack which could be a good omen for the Giants. Or a bad omen, considering the shittyness of this pack. Maybe the repack plister will be a little better.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Nice site!
Question - how do I find out if cards hold value?
Actually, what I’d like to know first is how to best store these cards?
My brother passed away and I would like to store his cards appropriately and value them, possibly selling a few to keep with cost of maintaining them but mostly to keep them for my son.
Your site caught my attention because as many boys born in the 60's he was a HUGE Steelers fan.
Any input would be so great!