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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Trading Mania - Working on the TriStar set & Shameless Begging

Reader Todd got inspired to bust some of TriStar a while back and offered me some of the doubles for my set. I said sure and traded him a few cards off his UD Masterpieces and a pile of Royals and Vikings for what turned out to be about three quarters of what I needed including the now-infamous Madison Bumgarner.

I'm down to needing 8 for the set and I need to finish it quick before I get distracted by another blaster and its tempting autographs. Anyone working on this set let me know if you need any of the ones I have below.

I'm also open to trades on the Autographs is anyone's interested. If there's one of these guys you collect or if he's on a team you like, I'm not terribly attached to any of them. I might pay a ransom for a Heyward auto too, just so you know. Here's the Autos I have:

Nick Noonan (Nooonan! Noooooooooonan!)

Michael Main

Michael Burgess

David Kopp

And one more I forgot what it was and don't have scanned.


1 - David Price (2)
6 - Rick Porcello (2)
8 - Ryan Dent (3)
15 - Tim Alderson
16 Jordan Zimmerman
17 Jonathan Arecibia
18 - Kellen Kulbacki (2)
29 - Wendell Fairly (2)
34 - Jackson Williams
35 - Cory Luebke
36 - Michael Main
41 - Danny Payne (2)
46 - Will Kline (2)
54 - Sean Doolittle
56 - Barry Enright
61 - Joe Savery (3)
64 - Matt LaPorta
68 - Mitch Canham (2)
72 - Julio Borbon
74 - Nathan Vineyard (3)
80 - Colby Rasmus
82 - Carmen Angelini
85 - Anthony Rizzo
89 - Brad Suttle (2)
91 - Jose Tabata
94 - David Mailman
98 - Mitch Hilligoss (2)
99 - Cale Iorg

If you're looking to complete the set or just like the team or the player, shoot me an e-mail.


hartmanj said...

Email sent.

Anonymous said...

I have a #83 Casey Crosby, looking for Erik Bedard cards ... let me know if you are interested

dayf said...

I think I have it taken care of guys, thanks for the offers.

herndo - I have no way to contact you, if you are interested in trading, please click on my profile for my e-mail.