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Monday, February 25, 2008

Card Of the Week 2/25/08

What is this? The Card of the Week actually posted on the day it's supposed to be? Yep, because for one I decided on it before 10:00pm. Continuing the Braves' streak, we honor slugger, Rick Camp.

Rick is best known for hitting his only career home run in the 18th inning of a game between the Braves and Mets on July 4th 1985, causing the game - already interminably long due to extra innings and rain delays - to go into the 19th. Much to the chagrin of pretty much everybody except the Braves. You can see Rick's big hit here. The goddamn Mets scored 5 off of Rick in the 19th, and Camp was the final out as the Braves tried to rally. I was actually at that game with my mom and uncle although we didn't stick around to the bitter end. I don't remember when we left but it was well after midnight. It was raining off and on all night and we had taken refuge in one of the luxury boxes that were still under construction. All was well until some VIPs (who were sitting in one of the other unfinished luxury boxes) complained that some unwashed rabble were sitting in their luxury box and had an usher shoo us out. It was still a blast though and we were astounded when we found out how long the game was.

Rick is a Georgia native and spent all 9 years of his major league career with the Braves. Unfortunately after his playing days were over he became a lobbyist and got himself mixed up in a scandal. He and four others including state representative Robin Williams were convicted of conspiracy to bilk money out of a mental health facility in Augusta. Rick maintained his innocence, but still served 2 years in jail and lost his career and marriage. The AJC had a great article on him and his time in prison this weekend, which prompted this post. I hate seeing news reports about sports figures going to jail and Camp's story really bummed me out when I first heard about it. I'm glad he's out now and has determined to rebuild his life. Good luck, slugger.

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