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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When You're Too Busy To Write, Steal!

Busy week all around for me (although I've got Valentine's day covered at least, whee!) so here's some good stuff from other sites you can read while I catch up.

There's a new blog in town, Dinged Corners. Any blog that features smiling players prominantly is great, but this blog hits must-read territory Just for this:

This is the best baseball card book of all time and it's prominently featured on the site. they even have the Sad Sam Jones card from the book posted, brilliant! I'm a big book fan and there is a great list on the site as well of books you really need to read. One of these days I'm going to do a "books you have to read" series on this blog, and they have most of my choices covered. Put this blog in your RSS reader! Big ups to Wax Heaven to turning me on to this site.

Topps is out, people are ripping and there's lots of blogging about them going on. Gem Mint Genius ripped a couple of Jumbos and graciously posted some galleries of the two best insert sets. The 50th Anniversary All-Star Team set is gorgeous and it's one of those sets everyone is going to be collecting now. Fred pulled the Chipper and Andruw cards and they look fantastic. Even better is the 17 card gallery of the Trading Card History set. Sorry Fred, I had to swipe your image of the Teixeira & Francoeur card until I get my own. It looks too good not to.

Even if you hate the circles and the logo indentation on the base cards, these two sets will sway many people from that other set, which shall remain nameless since I'm still mad at them.

Finally Uzi Mania is sweeping the blog community. Who the hell is this guy?? Is he for real or Topps' tribute to Sidd Finch? My take: if it's not just a way for Topps to sneakily promote their new make your own trading card program, then I think some Japanese billionaire businessman put in an order for 100,000 cards of his kid and requested that they be inserted into packs. It's my crackpot theory and I stand behind it. You may be seeing the Uzi card on this site very soon (hint, hint).

That's all for today, I'm not going to even see a computer most likely until about 10pm tonight. Scheduled for the rest of the week however will be the next four packs of my box break (which are a real doozy, folks, stay tuned), another edition of The 792, an Allen & Ginter card you haven't seen yet in honor of me getting THREE more for the set this weekend, and maybe even a surprise!


Billy Suter said...

I just pulled one of those Uzuki cards today. Any idea about how many were printed?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the new bb card blog, and the props to the Boyd/Harris book. I still quote from that book liberally, and I first read it in 1977! -- Jimbo