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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

National Pimping Blogs Day

A couple of weeks back I posted asking anyone with a card blog to let me know about it so I could post it in the links section. I got a bunch of replies and I'm going to show them all of here today. Before I get to the new blogs though, I'd like to give props to the old ones. These here are some of the Baseball card blogs I check out every day:

The Baseball Card Blog

This is the one that got me thinking I could do this myself.

Stale Gum
Nothing better than crusty, nasty, unchewable stale mid-80's Topps bubble gum. Always Be Collecting.

Wax Heaven
This guy posts more than I do! Mostly because I'm too busy watching his box break videos.

Thorzul Will Rule
Without him, I'd be sunk on A Pack A Day.

Indians Baseball Cards. Always.
White Sox Cards
Atlanta Cards
Gotta love team collectors. There needs to be at least one blogger per team out there.

Squeezeplay Cards
This guy knows how to bust wax.

A Pack A Day
Auto-Matic for the People
I write for these so I better check 'em often.

These are all in my RSS feed. If your blog isn't on there, pester me and I'll check it out.

I'll be posting the new ones that were sent in throughout the day, go ahead and check these out in the meantime!


Anonymous said...


I'm the new media manager at Dave and Adam's Card World. Just getting the company to buy into a blog was a huge first step. Hopefully now we can share some useful information and occasionally be somewhat funny.

Captain Canuck said...

kevin... a word of advice. Please. For the love of all that's holy. Lower your S+H charges to Canada.
Signed, a frustrated Canuck...

Fred Sarra said...

I am just starting to get off the ground, but I know it would help to actually think people are reading!!!