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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blog Pimpin' - This Just In

Three more blogs for National Pimping Blogs Day, before I update A Pack A Day and start scanning 50 more cards for The 792. If you didn't see your blog on here, leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail and I'll correct the situation in the future.

First up is Kevin from Dave and Adam's Card World blog, this is pretty neat blog packed full of card news. Why, just today they taught me what a cut card case is. No, they don't actually cut the cards, don't worry.

Card Weasel has a sparse but vigorous blog, Gem Mint Genius that shares the story of how Tim Lincecum ruined his life. He also became smitten with Allen & Ginter so it's all good.

Finally, I have a player collector's blog to share with you all, this one is for JT Snow. This blog is 1990's cheezy parallel heaven. I actually found out about this blog in a trade I'm working on, maybe you'll see some of my cards on there sometime in the future.

Update: Ask and ye shall receive. When I click on a blog and the first thing I see is a 1976 Father and Son card of Gus and Buddy Bell, that immediately tells me that this is a good blog. Plus he has a vintage Frank Demaree card, just like me! His is a '41 Play Ball and mine is a '38 Goudey, buy hey, it's still old! So check out baseballcardman, even if his Demaree card isn't quite as old as mine.

I hope you enjoy the blogs and you found something new for your RSS feeds!


Bart McClaughry said...

Think your Blog is Great!!
I would like to be in your National Pimping Blogs Day

Meril said...
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morineko said...

I sure did find a lot of things for my RSS feed (and potentially my blog roll, if I remember to update it.)

I hate having a life, it gets in the way of my blogging.