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Friday, January 18, 2008

Trading Mania - Really late package to White Sox Cards

Ok, I suck. I got involved in a bunch of trade discussions a week or so before Christmas, put a bunch of cards together and then got waylaid by Santa Claus. One of the trades was with Steve, the proprietor of White Sox Cards. Here's how it happened.

I did a live box rip on A Pack A Day of UD Masterpieces and I said anyone who commented could get a free card. Steve commented, but said he didn't want a card. I really like his blog, so I decided to give him one anyway along with some Sox cards for his collection and contacted him about it. He said thanks, and pointed me toward his want list. I checked it out, printed up a copy and started looking. About that time Santa and his elves kidnapped me and drug me to about 500 family get togethers while simultaneously dumping a lot of work stuff on me. Stupid Santa! By the time I finished up with all that crap and managed to recover, we were already over a week into the new year. I had a pile of random Sox stuff I picked out but I was still looking though his list. In the meantime, Steve had looked through my want list and sent me a package of stuff. So now I'm slow and I got stuff from him (and others - I'll get to them in future "I suck" posts) without sending anything in return. However, I have finally gotten my act together and gotten a package ready to send. Steve probably made out in the end though, the longer I took to get it together the more stuff I added out of guilt. Here's the skinny on the deal:

What I got from Steve:

Some UD Masterpieces that helped complete my set:

And a pile of Topps Updates and Highlights from my want list.

Not bad. I completed a set and I got further toward completing another one that I don't want to open packs from.

Here's what's going out in tomorrow's mail:

A few from Steve's wantlist,

An assortment of scruffy old socks from Topps, 1954-1986,

A few Sox biggies picked out of the star box,

And some completely random stuff I ran across in doubles boxes while hunting for other cards.

Better late than never, and I'm guessing a White Sox fan will enjoy this stuff.

Here's what I learned from this:

1) I need to get organized in my trading. I haven't done a whole lot of it online and I've got an auction routine of winning, printing out the invoice, sending the payment and getting the cards. I'm not used to people sending me stuff before I send something to them and it weirded me out a little bit. Plus flagging the e-mails from trade offers doesn't help when you get two or three dozen e-mails a day. Everything is being written down, flagged and saved online from now on for reference so I don't lose stuff.

2) Ease up on the trades where I need to look through every card I own. It's not that bad until you start doing it for four or five different trades.

3) Get the stuff together and out ASAP. I've got the supplies ready to do that now.

4) December sucks. The whole damn month.
4a) Never try to trade in December.

Hopefully now I'll have things under control. If I've snubbed you on a trade or you're still waiting for something, shoot me an e-mail. Getting all this stuff mailed by tomorrow has been this week's project.


Steve Gierman said...

They all look great! I can't wait for them to arrive! Thanks!

Bay Rat North West said...

Still waiting on the 50 PSA 10 Reds you promised for the 1988 Topps Dale Murphy.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your site and just wanted to say that I love it. I was wondering if I could put a link on my site to your site? Thanks.

Unknown said...

Is that card number UH39? Trent and I have about 3 or 4 complete sets of the U&H (that's what happens when your seven year old is intent on finding a LH Jaba), but we have ZERO UH39. I wonder what happened with this card?