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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sticky Saturday

A package came in the mail today from Fleerfan, the proprietor (appropriately enough) of The Fleer Sticker Project. His blog is absolutely fantastic for anyone who loves Fleer stickers, logos in general or just plain oddball weirdness. Click on that link. Do it now. Now I say! I will guarantee that if you go there you will see something you have never ever seen before. Like this. Or this. Or even this. If you've seen those before, then you're a better collector than I.

Fleerfan is apparently a fan of this blog as well, and offered to send me some Braves logo stickers. I didn't have any stickers he needed in return, but from now on if Fleerfan needs anything - move a couch, hide a body, a pack of Fleer - he knows where to come. The package came today and its... it's beautiful. I'm a bit of a logo freak and seeing all these cool old fleer stickers just made my day. Instead of blogging one huge dial-up killing post on these stickers I'm going to spread them out so they can be savored. Saturdays from now on will be Sticky Saturdays and will feature one sticker from Fleerfan's stash. There's enough in there to last until the All Star Game at least! Here's the first one:

I've never had one of these stickers before and I have no idea what year it's from but it kicks ass. It's a cloth sticker that feels kind of like the 1977 Topps sticker cards. The two-tone Braves logo screams '70s and this is bringing back good childhood memories even though I never had one of these as a child. This sticker is in Fleerfan's blog title image, so I'm sure he will illuminate us on exactly what this thing is soon. Thanks again for the stickers!


Steve Gierman said...

That's beautiful man.

Fleerfan said...

Glad to see the stickers arrived safely! I look forward to reading your reviews each Saturday! Thanks for the multiple links to my blog.

The cloth patch that you've got is from the 1969-1975 series of cloth patches. Unfortunately there is no date on these, so its hard to say what year its from since the Braves logo only changed once during that time (from an all white background to the two tone white/blue background).

I'll be getting to a full run down of all the cloth patches and the multiple variations (and there are a lot!) shortly.

Glad you are enjoying the stickers. Just let me know when you are ready to storm the Upper Deck offices and we'll get the Fleer Team Logo Sticker inserts back in production!

dayf said...

They may take our lives... but they will never take away our logo stickers!!!!!

hartmanj said...

I love anything old school, especially the Braves. Thanks for sharing.