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Friday, January 25, 2008

The Allen Ginter Project : Card #26 N18 Parasol Drill

I just got this one in the mail today, so I'm posting it now before it ends up being put off forever like the rest of my Allen & Ginters. Unfortunately my really cool pickup from DavidBVintage gets pushed back, but I'll save it for Monday when people are actually reading. This card is by far the weirdest concept out of all the Allen & Ginter sets, and I'm including "World's Dudes" in this. See for yourself.

Ok, this looks like a perfectly normal 19th century card of a pretty girl. Flowery hat, brightly colored dress, up to her elbows in gloves, whale bones squashing her innards to make her look slim and cause her bust to poke out, we can't actually see it but I'm sure she has one of those old timey butt buttresses with the big bow on it to make her ass look like it's the size of a Buick as was the fashion at the time, and she's carrying a parasol. Nothing abnormal about that. She looks like she belongs in the chalk-drawing scene from Mary Poppins.

It's embarrassing to admit it, but I watched the hell out of that movie when I was a kid. One time I even balked at going to little league practice because it was on tv. That's probably why I'm writing about old cards now instead of playing third base in the majors. I just like musicals I guess, I remember one time I sat down and watched My Fair Lady with my wife like I used to do with my mom when I was little. Eliza Doolittle, Professor Henry Higgins, Julie Andrews singing "The Raayyian in Spaiiaean stooays Maiiaanly on tha Plaiyians" and young and beautiful Audrey Hepburn ending up with old and crusty Rex Harrison at the end. My wife looked at me afterwards and said those three little words... "Are you gay?!?" Hey, I was raised by a single mother, these things happen. I ended up watching a lot of Murphy Brown and Designing Women as well. Now I have firmly established that I am weird, but I haven't shown why this card set is weird. Here, check out the back and take a look at the checklist.

The name of this card is "Eyes Right". That's not so strange, she's looking to her right. But what about the rest of the cards? "Attention", "Right Shoulder Arms", "Forward March", "Halt" "Ready", "Aim", "Fire"? What the heck? Cards of pretty girls all with names of various military parade terms? That's pretty funny. The concept works well too, check out the complete set here courtesy of Dan C. of the Vintage Non-Sports Chat board. The look on the face of the girl on the "Direct Fire" card is pretty amusing. She's apparently getting the wolf whistle from some dirty old men. As I've said many times the Allen & Ginter fonts fascinate me and the combination of the flowery pretty girls and the bold no nonsense all-caps font for the title really stands out to me. It adds a macho edge to a frilly flowery girly set. That way Victorian manly men who collected this set for the pretty dresses could play it off like they were interested in the military stuff instead. Just like I can play off my love of musicals my pointing out that there are manly musicals too.

I got this one from eBayer geminibazaar who is another seller claiming that it is from a set owned by their grandfather. I don't buy a lot of these stories about grandfathers and old trunks in the attic, but the seller had speedy, well packaged shipping so who cares. A word of warning to anyone thinking about getting their own A&G card from them, they are Paypal only. I didn't realize that when I bid and I hate, hate, HATE Paypal. It worked out in the end but I still feel dirty for using Paypal. Did I mention I hate Paypal? I like the card and the seller though. I'm in the home stretch now, only 8 cards to go for the set. Of course I've got ten more write ups to do on the cards I already have. Which will I finish first? The set or the write ups? Stay tuned and find out! In the meantime here's a manly man musical about baseball for ya to watch. I know you like baseball....


Kevin said...

Man, I love me some 1776. My first play in high school was Damn Yankees - I was a lowly stage crew member. But my favorite is still Jesus Christ Superstar...I own the DVD and soundtrack of the awesome 1977 film.

GCA said...

Just remember, you're exempted from earning gay points on watching musicals and admiring dresses if there are beautiful women involved. :)

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