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Saturday, April 4, 2009


The link on my last post has driven me mad! Beckett literally called their customers dorky basement dwellers at the exact same time they were blatantly trying to pander to them using sex appeal! The stupid! It burns! I can't have that post at the top of my blog anymore! I'm yelling and I don't know why! Must post some cards! Got all these from Tribe Cards last year! Don't know if I posted them already or not! Posting 'em anyway! SPOON!!!

Aaron Upper Deck Fake T202!

Bob Horner Fake T202!

Unlicensed Cartoon Mockery!

More Mockery!

Colin Mochrie!

Weird Pepsi Punch Out Glove Disk Combo Thingy!



Tunguska said...

I loved those T202's. I remember building that set over a summer. Seems to me that was one of the first "throwback" sets released, no?

Paul said...

I have that set, that's what we were reduced to collecting before fleer and donruss came along.