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Sunday, April 19, 2009


The Hawks have home court in the playoffs for the first time since Nixon was president! No wait, that other guy... the one who did the crooked stuff. THE OTHER ONE. They have home court for the first time in a long time anyway. To celebrate I bought a single lone pack of 2009 Upper Deck Lineage basketball cards in the hopes of pulling some Hawks. Unfortunately Madding stoled my pack. No matter, I've got a pack to open anyway. This stuff appeared to be Timelines for basketball, but it was more like a poorly done Heritage. It only cost $2.11 anyway. 

94 Carlos Boozer

Boozer... heh heh... As you can see Upper Deck recylcled their 1991-1992 set design for this product. The back of the cards only have 4 years of stats and I was surprised that there was no line for Cleveland on there. Was it really that long ago that whole free agent brouhaha happened? Jeez I'm getting old.

37 Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan's a Hall of Famer. Plus he stayed all four years at Wake. Any Duncan card is a good one. 

229 Sean Singletary RC

The box advertised a certain number of Jordan and rookie cards per box, so these may or may not be short printed. I don't care about the set enough to to the math. I don't really remember the ratio either, it was something like 2 Jordans and 4 rookies a box or something. They took the Rookie card design from the 1992-93 Upper Deck set, which in my opinion is the best looking set Upper Deck ever put out. The card looks good, but I don't know who this guy is and I don't really care. 
Here's the back. Wooo. 

152 Marvin Williams

YEAH! A Hawk! Marvin has improved greatly over the past few years. Hawks fans have almost forgotten that we passed up Chris Paul. Almost. 

Lookit those stats. Steady improvement every year. Who needs a two time all star and face of the franchise. 

105 Kyle Korver

This guy shows up in all my packs. 

200 Greg Oden

Ha! A Blazer! Now I have something to tempt Madding with for all those Hawks he pulled. Hopefully he doesn't mind that I dropped the pack on the way to the checkout counter and there's a big ding on the top right corner. Hmmm... I could just neglect to tell him... And claim the post office did it... It's the perfect crime....

UPDATE: But that would be wrong.

So there's my one and only pack of Upper Deck Lineage ever. I wish they would have used the 1992-93 set design instead, 'cause they sure won't have a chance to use it next year. Oh well, I can probably find a box of the original stuff for the price of two hobby packs anyway. I got my Hawk, so that's a good omen that Atlanta's going all the way. Bring on the Heat!


Motherscratcher said...

Admit it, Hawks fans will NEVER forget that they passed up Chris Paul.

Matt said...

I opened my yearly pack of basketball today in support of the Sixers(that worked out).

I went with Murad. My actual t51 Murad college series card of Rutgers is one my favorite cards in my collection and I just love the aesthetic of the set. The pack was boring...no Sixers, Yao and a mini of Eddie Curry.

And with that, I bid basketball cards farewell for a year.

Offy said...

I love the 92-93 set as well. 91-92 is nice, but that 92-93 set is beautiful.

Lineage on the other hand is a bit of a train wreck. It costs far too much for what you get, I'm sick of all of the ridiculous inserts like Yankee Stadium, Anniversary and Jordan that Upper Deck loves to cram into their sets. Topps got the hint and got rid of those sets after A-Rod and even then those cards weren't as prevalent as these Upper Deck inserts seem to be.

jimmy_d said...

Go Hawks!

madding said...

Aw man, a dinged corner is sadly appropriate for Mr. Oden. I have a strange fascination with the guy anyway, though.

I might try another pack of this junk next time I'm at Target, just because it's cheap and I'm a sucker. Then again, I might go for Murad.