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Friday, April 3, 2009

Now this is how you package mini cards

Hand cut little green foam strips keeping every card snug and safe. Excellent package job from Duane G. in a recent swap of A&G cards and other assorted stuff. Duane is trying to collect the entire 2008 A&G set so I cannibalized some of my World Leaders cards to help him out. Here's some selected highlights of the minis that were in the soft and cushy snap case.

Dinged Corners thinks I look like Vic, and he's not too far off. Combine him with G.K. Chesterton and you have a pretty close resemblance.

Slick Nick totally killed Laura Palmer. He's also the Devil!

I picked out a few normal minis to fill out my A&G mixed mini binder. I had no clue one of the numbers I selected was the Longoria mini. Pretty sweet!

I pretty much traded my George W. card for Vlad the Imputin here. Oddly enough both are now no longer president of their nations, but are still highly influential. Putin by leading the government as Prime Minister, and W in that the government blames everything he did for the gigantic mess we're in while digging us deeper into the dirt.

Good old mini cards... I'll have to remember this foam trick for the next time I ship a few out. Thanks Duane!


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I dunno who that Argentina president chick is but she's hot as hell lol=)

Anonymous said...

Mmmhmm agreed. Hot world leader is hotttt. :D